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The magic bunny

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This effect offers you the opportunity to inspire the young audience members ( school children etc) as well as the adults.

The bunny effect tells a pretty lovely story, which also allows the magician to perform this effect as a part of a comedy show.

Only used one time

In Memory of Paul Daniels

Here is what happens:

A table is placed on stage, while the front side of this table is covered with a blue curtain.

Furthermore there is only a cylinder on the left side of the table.

Now the magician appears on stage and proclaims to perform one of the most famous magical effects ever. He is planning to let a bunny appear out of a cylinder.

While he is still talking to his audience, the cylinder wanders as if by an invisible hand and reaches the other side of the table.

When the magician realizes that the cylinder moved, he changes his position and also moves to the other side of the table. Another time he proclaims self confident what he is planning to do.

And another time he does not notice when the cylinder moves to the other side of the table.

Now he decides to hold the cylinder with one hand and to grab inside it with the other one.

He pushes his arm so deep into the cylinder,  that the audience realizes why there is a curtain in front of the table.

Funnily enough this is the moment where the curtain falls down and the audience can see the magicians arm grabbing for a bunny under the table, while the bunny is on the other side of it.

The magician does not realize that the curtain is missing, changes the position of the cylinder and moves it to the other side of the table, to grab for the bunny. But the bunny escapes.

Even a third time he is not lucky enough and the bunny escapes again.

While the bunny had enough time to escape slowly from the magicians hands during the first tries, he also is able to escape in a fast way, when the magician grabs for him for a fourth time.

Embarrassed the magician realizes the missing curtain and puts it back in place again, when he notices the bunny sitting in a small car under the table. With loud music and dancing gestures the bunny escapes from the stage and leaves the magician alone.

To allow the magician a happy ending it is possible to let a real rabbit appear at the end of this effect.

Also the appearance of another toy rabbit or a stuff cascade with confetti is possible.

It is also possible to receive a video, if you decide to request one.


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