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ORIGINAL by Daniel Summers!


We are proud to be the only one in Europe, who are allowed to offer the originals from Daniel Summers. Also it is a particular pleasure, that Daniel Summers offered us special prices for this and of course we let our customers profit from this, too.

Each single illusion will come with a certificate.

This is really a very nice and effective illusion from Daniel Summers!

On stage you can see an open platform as you can see on the picture. The magician alone steps onto it and unfolds a big cloth, which he holds in front of himself and the platform. He shortly raises the cloth, so you can see his feet, but he instantly lets it down again.

Then he folds the cloth again and in this moment his assistant already appeared on the platform.!

This is modern magic.

Daniel Summers is one of the most successful inventors nowadays. Unfortunately it certainly happens worldwide, that innovative ideas are copied again and again. If one decides for an original is not only an ethic question. One should not waive, that the development of an illusion is a creative, complex, time-consuming and costly matter. The impersonator does not experience this decisive process, yet thereby he also has a loss of quality and cannot work as detailed as it is the case with the original.





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