Very beautiful and professional illusion

Death Drop

An original illusion by Daniel Summers - conceived by a real genius. We are really proud to offer you this top illusion.

Cabinet of Death


This is a further creation from our friend Milko Bräuer.

The original now in the new, cheaper version.

Original version in top quality, made by the inventor himself.

Mature development - not to be compared with cheap offers on the market.
Now there is no reason to buy a cheap copy!

Porta Mistico

With this completely new Illusion you can make a woman disappear or appear. And everything in only a moment as you can see on the video.

Ring Cage

This wonderful item can be taken to pieces when you have to transport it to your locations. It can be performed surrounded by the audience but also in living rooms.

Smoke Pad

The mysterious smoke gives your performance the magic something

Magic Dices

Several dices show a rabbit; after all dices are covered, the dices disappear and instead a rabbit appears. Excluding table and rabbit; table available (EUR 190,00)


This item leaves your audience speechless.

Floating Dove

We are proud to present you this original item from Milton. He is one of the most successful dove magicians in Europe.

Todesstuhl Milko Bräuer

This spectacular effect is only for the brave..
When the magician gets captivated by the audience, the chain holds his body and legs. Everything will be sealed with a major lock.
Now time is running out as the saw begins to turn and the second gallon fills with water.
The magician has to leave the chair before the weight of the second gallon is heavy enough to make the saw crash down.

Evolution 1


Evolution 1 offers a lot of neu effects and possiblities with a new technology.

Foul Play


You get this Foul Play as an original directly build from Daniel Summers!!

There are some changes to the original design.  This new version is lighter and packs much smaller than the original!


Flower Suspension

Can even be preformed surrounded.
This item is easy to handle, but still it has a positive effect on your audience.
Right after the assistant stepped on a stool, which was placed in the middle of 3 flower pots, the magician passes her 2 long wooden posts.

Now the magician removes the stool to present the floating assistant to their stunning audience.
Furthermore the Assistant removes both posts to float freely between the flower pots.
Now the magician can also move the pots on her right and left side.
The third post is can also be moved a bit.

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